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Engaging users with a new loyalty program

Zoetis Petcare's CAD reward and loyalty program exists on an individual, product-brand level that lacks consistency and execution from a communication standpoint.

Zoetis wants to create a fully integrated Cross-CAD pet Loyalty Program that unites the product-brands to provide a more engaging, differentiated, and beneficial experience for pet owners that goes beyond a transactional redemption experience.

project goals


Create a new and differentiated Pet Owner loyalty program

A unified experience

Introduce a unified Zoetis CAD loyalty experience for pet owners

A simplified loyalty experience

Simplify the loyalty experience

Transition current members

Successfully transition current reward and rebate program members to the new Zoetis pet owner loyalty program

my plan


Zoetis is centered around pets. However, it also extends out to their owners and vets. Pet owners want the best for their pets’ health. That's why they will invest in the top veterinary care around.

The Loyalty program will reward these pet owners and vets for their efforts to ensure the best quality of life for pets. For every dollar an owner spends on their pet, they earn a “paw” towards their pets’ wellness. These paws can be applied to visits at the vet, wellness activities, and Zoetis medications to help achieve a pet’s health goals. The number of paws rewarded is dependent on how active an owner is in uploading receipts of purchased Zoetis medications.

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Interface of Zoetis Scrolling

User Journeys

Pet Owners

Pet Owners User JourneyPet Owners User JourneyPet Owners User JourneyPet Owners User JourneyPet Owners User Journey

Vets & Staff

Vet's and Staff User JourneyVet's and Staff User JourneyVet's and Staff User Journey
user journeys
Insight Screen for Zoetis


The ultimate reward for pet owners is knowing that they are making positive contributions to their pet’s wellbeing.


Zoetis wants to relentlessly improve and protect the wellbeing of pets, owners, and vets.

Pet Owners (New Members and Transitioning)

Want to improve their ability to provide their pet with the best quality of life


Looking to make it easier for clients to manage the wellbeing of their pets


The Loyalty Ecosystem

Converge individual brand programs into a cohesive platform for engagement and rewards

The Loyalty Ecosystem Graph

Sign in/registration

  • Upon registration, Pet Owners must provide the required information for the rewards program.
  • Pet Owners will be able to add Pets.
  • For Pet Owners who registered on another application, the system will prompt an appropriate message and offer the Pet Owner login.
Sign up screen Zoetis Pet Care
key features

Pet and Owner profiles

  • An Owner can add a pet to their profile.
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Zoetis Pet WireFrame
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Zoetis Pet Care Interface

Points earning through the purchase

  • Upload a receipt to receive points per purchase.
  • Pet Owners who spend X amount over a certain period will unlock Paw points to use on their pets.
Zoetis Rewards Screen

Points tracker, points bank

  • Dynamically reflects both accumulated points and cash equivalency based on user receipt upload history. Paw point value will vary depending on proof of purchase input into the system via receipt upload. Fifty paw points are equivalent to $5.
points bank
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Zoetis Petcare wireframes
points bank
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Zoetis Petcare Interface

Receipt scanning for rewards submission

  • Pet Owners can select a Pet and Product.
  • Each reward entry requires users to enter a product as well as information about its dosage and quantity.
  • Options to upload, email, scan, or mail a receipt for the submission will be presented.
  • Receipts are attached to a Pet Owner’s reward submission.
  • Upon verification, rewards are credited to a Pet Owner’s account and the reward is marked as approved.
Zoetis Receipt upload screen

Transaction history

  • Past and pending reward transactions are viewable here.
  • Pet Owners will be able to review transaction history by product or for all products.
  • There is the ability to review a summary of reward points/totals.
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Transactions Screen Zoetis
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Transactions Zoetis Interface

Key Findings

Provide greater clarity about how the program works on the site (home page and FAQ) and in messaging/advertising (posters and brochures).

View a step-by-step outline of the program:

01. Purchase a participating medication

02. Create an account on the website

03. Upload receipts to earn Paw Points

04. Order reloadable debit card

05. Load Rewards onto debit card once it arrives

06. Spend at your veterinarian’s office on products/services

usability report


Animations by  Alexander Rozhkov  |  Colored Pie  on LottieFiles

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