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My Coke Rewards

The Coca-Cola Company is the manufacturer, marketer, retailer of carbonated beverages, and syrups. My Coke Rewards served as a customer loyalty marketing program for the company, which used the mechanics of ‘entering codes for points.’

the goal
Loyalty with ease

The Goal

My Coke Rewards was committed to building more profound and connected brand experiences that drove trials and generated customer loyalty with drinkers. This would make the purchase, consumption, and engagement with their portfolio of brands seamless and enjoyable. The most significant change was that there would be a value exchange between all of Coca-Cola’s brands with their customers. The design system would allow for all brands to lead within the Coca-Cola company.

Communication Flows

Communication Flows were provided across brand, customer, and acquisition channels that showcased how consumers would enter the brand and receive communications.

The Approach

Based on strategic direction and best practices, we explored two distinct creative paths for the future of the Coca-Cola Company. Brand led, where primary communications are individually branded, and Portfolio, where primary communications are generic, using a cross-portfolio brand play or from the Coca-Cola company.

brand lead

OnBoarding and Registration

The onboarding flow for registration, progressive profiling, and the preference center were fleshed out to support a personal and frictionless experience for the millennial user base.

easy to use

Onboarding Data

The onboarding data would be used to pre-populate form fields (including Contact Us and Rewards Redemption) when possible. Preference and activity data collected through onboarding and preference centers would scale to inform precision content across program touch-points.

sign up
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Progressive Profiling

Based on progressive profiling research, Coca-Cola can collect information about users’ personal preferences as a part of onboarding. A pop-up shows questions after the user had registered.

Single Sign On

User arrives on [Brand.com] utilizing the single sign on capability and inputs personal information

Module with a question displays to further collect preferences

Modal displays only brand preference question. Only brand preference question shown in this session. If user skips they will not see modal display again until the next session.

User can earn a reward for response

Modal displays only show, describe, and claim rewards.

Module with question displays upon new site session to further collect preferences

Modal displays only interests preference question. Display will only show in this session if brand preference was collected. If skipped, will not display modal again until the next session. After third session, modals will not be shown.


Single sign-on capabilities enable a profile to be accessible from all brand properties. In this vision, a user can click on their name within the current navigation of any brand site to access their ‘Personal Preference Center’ area, which opens as an overlay. Redeemable rewards remain in the ‘Rewards’ pages accessible through rewards icons in a member’s authenticated navigation bar.

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key features

Key Preference/Reward Screens

Activity Rewards is the key to the Preference Center and is a great location to drive engagement. Communication Preferences are needed to support the contacting of Coca-Cola's members. Interests enable the company to personalize the conversation with consumers.

the final product


Due to organizational and time limitations, changes in features and functionality were implemented in a phased approach. Don’t worry, though - the display and feel of the portfolio approach were seamless across all brands and digital properties. All tactical screens and communications worked within the larger eco-system of the Coca-Cola Company. These changes grew the drinker base, bridged physical and digital touchpoints, and delivered value to new consumers!


Animations by  alfredo quintero olivas on LottieFiles |  WedoByte  on LottieFiles

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