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Analytics Tool

Create an analytics tool that lets executives view their site’s performance and new find opportunities to improve their user-experience. The tool’s launch will include features and functionalities prioritized by the MVP.

tool design

The Build

There are two angles to approach the design of the Website Optimizer Tool — the End-User (Agency Clients) and Agency Business angles.

This tool helps the Agency’s Clients efficiently and cost-effectively understand their website performance and optimization opportunities, including barriers to conversions, low experience issues, and automated and fast recommendations on ways to improve site performance without significant manual analysis. It also opens a new business line for the Agency and helps provide website enhancement recommendations without third-party vendors. The main focus is on capturing data to drive client insights by expanding the Agency’s capabilities around site analytics.

The optimization tool’s MVP should not only compete but also outpace Google Analytics. While Google Analytics provides a deluge of data, it requires a great deal of effort to translate disparate data points into actionable insights. This optimization tool will anticipate and automate site improvement opportunities.

The Audience

Both business executives and practitioners want to optimize select website flows. However, they also want to avoid spending an excessive amount of money and time on implementing trackers from traditional Analytics tools.

Executives (Primary)

Popular topics related to the product: Profitability, Conversions, Performance Comparisons, Acquisition Costs and ROI, Overall Site Performance and Engagement

Practitioners (Secondary)

Mindset: Skeptical of data and needs details to verify its credibility and better understand its meaning. They want to easily increase productivity with research and analysis. Practitioners do not want to rely on manually generated insights.

Goals: Ensure there is high engagement, Confirm the site is working correctly and users are not encountering errors, Validation of content performance.

Shared Pain Points

Shared Pain Points

Collecting data to review site performance and usage with traditional analytics tools is challenging. Both Google and Adobe Analytics provide large quantities of data, but they require a high level of effort to translate disparate data points into actionable insights.

cost-effective build

Site Optimizer Differentiation

People choose this tool over competitors because it is more cost-effective to acquire insights on site performance and optimization opportunities than using competing mechanisms. Clients will not have to rely on another 3rd party vendor either. This tool will be paired with an agency consultation throughout the process and raw data will be made available to the Agency’s exports for more in-depth dive analysis.


Proposed sitemap for new analytics tool

Sitemap Image
why this works

Design Principles

Better design than the competition.

Create a stunning and user-friendly design that blows away the competition

Easy to view and interpret data.

Make it easier and faster than ever to analyze data

Intuitive actions around insightful data.

Give executives the data they need to improve their website flows

Shareable information.

Keep information available to the right team members

Exclusive to desktop; though, easy to convert to mobile post MVP

Users can work primarily through their desktops

Engagement Score

The score is composed of a proprietary points system developed by the Agency. For example, it could roll up # of errors, # of conversions, etc. Once created, this will be patented or trademarked. The default view could be the selected flow (default can be for the past 30 rolling days and adjusted by the user).

Engagement Score Wunderman
key features


Numbers and line graphs that represent visitors, sessions, page views, duration, and bounce rate. The Traffic is similar to a Google Analytics Audience Overview.

Traffic Interface Analytics Tool

Success Attribution

Calls attention to pieces of content that influence users. It is offered by highlighting elements on a page with associated percentages, thus delivering the highest relationships to conversion events. Shows % of users that bounce from a specified flow. Shows % of users navigating away from the flow to other areas of the site. For MVP, reports only on pages and page elements within a specified flow. Post-MVP, the aim is to define site-wide winning flows/paths.


Form Reports

  • Field interactions highlight the fields that users interact with the most. Each field is marked with a percentage. The ratio is based on the number of businesses in each area on the form.
  • The last field interacted is defined as the field last clicked on/focused by the user.
  • Show field that receives an error. The field errors are represented with percentages next to each input field.
  • Form completion describes the percentage of users that submitted the form successfully.
Wunderman Analytics Tool Interface

interest map

Shows click density on clickable and non-clickable items. Focuses on scroll density, which is the percentage of users that viewed each section of the page. Heat maps are applied to three versions of the page: mobile, tablet, desktop.

Wunderman Analytics Tool Interface
interest map
next steps
next steps

Post MVP Ideas

Real-time data is a good add-on to enable feel-good notifications on every good occurrence. The news can take the shape of a visual cue or unique sound attributed to an achieved conversion goal.

There is the addition of an Engagement Score and Success Attribution. A significant change in the engagement score would automatically generate the attributing metric, such as a 10% increase in conversions. The Success attribution will show the winning flow or path to a set goal. It must be a comprehensive journey view.

Site projections and predictive elements will assist with directing design/content changes over time.

In the end, this tool will kick Google Analytics to the curb.


Animations by  Usama Razzaq  |  Yardho  |  Alexander Rozhkov |  Kwadwo Asante-Kwabiah  |  Qodehub Design  |  James Carrick  on LottieFiles

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