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Improving Shelter Outcomes

ACC rescues and saves the lives of homeless cats, dogs, and rabbits. This adoption agency works to implement new programs to better the animals’ lives and outcomes in their shelter and the community.

The goal
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Animal Profile Interface Scroll
Setting up the game plan

Animal Profile

We focused on overhauling the pet search flow and the site architecture, navigational structure, and core site templates. Our vision of the future state explored using a new API to fuel the pet search functionality. To do so, our technical team investigated the feasibility of using various APIs to support our vision of the search functionality.


Search Functionality

The vision for the ACC was to depart from tradition and enable search by animal personality. In this revamped search experience, users won't see a list of breeds—instead, they would discover other relevant information that would allow them to find the most compatible pet for them.

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Search functionality Interface Scroll
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Search Functionality Interface Scroll

Site Navigation

A card sort test helped shape the information architecture for the redesign of nycacc.org. Focus group participants were confused by the array of topics and the relevancy between them presently on nycacc.org. A new taxonomy of topics was created and is outlined in the sitemap. The complete report is accessible here.

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Navigation is clearly labeled and avoids vague terminology. Supports the top taks and features. Suggests the entirety of the site's content.

Site Navigation ACC
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Icon is used because of its universality and recognizability. The menu slides open from the header.

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Content Groupings

On tap, each category is expandable and collapsible. Menu allows users quick navigation to content subcategories.



The reduction and reorganization of the primary navigation and article content resulted in the development of navigation buckets. The new navigation categories are more straightforward and offer user-friendly terms.

Sitemap for ACC
Animal Profile for ACC
introducing the animals

Animal Profile

Once the user enters their preferences, we find and match them with the most compatible pets available. They can learn more about the animal's history and personality after clicking on their profile.

starting the process


The full implementation of our proposals was cut short due to organizational and technical limitations. This interfered with the development of some of our most aspirational functionality and redesigns. Nonetheless, ACC’s new website exponentially increased their adoption rate. Within the first week of launching, all of the at-risk animals were adopted! See all the furry animals at www.nycacc.org.


Animations by  Mikhail Voloshin on LottieFiles

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